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I recently went to the ‘Watch The Throne’ Concert at the 02 London. I took my camera and got some great photos, but my videos were even better, so I created a video collage of them, as a nice personal sourvenior of the night!COMING SOON EL ESTILO* Online publication
Freelance Work
Other Credits:
Mark McGough and Olivia Burton
El ESTILO* is an online publication about design, fashion and lifestyle founded my Mark McGough. I joined EL ESTILO* in 2011, and I began to help promote the magazine, and to get other people involved, this included setting up a group on the social networking site 'Facebook' to invite people and to put the name out there.
In 2012 I became the designer for the magazine, and worked closely with the editors. At present it is now on its 8th issue, including a beauty focused edition 'SS12 Beauty Folio'.
Fundraising Poster Print
Freelance Work
This was a poster to raise awareness of a fundraising event, to be able to put in the menus in a restaurant to provide the customers with information. Photography Self-Directed Photography is a hobby and a passion of mine which I have been interested in for a few years. Where ever I go I will take my camera, not to miss a photo opportunity!
I think photography is a powerful medium to capture a moment and keep as a memory forever.
Becoming... Film and Photography
University Brief
Other Credits:
Calvin Ncube, Viktoriya Yaprakova, Anh Nguyen and Tiffany Phillips
This project was about becoming Fischli and Weiss, and this was set as a group and individual task. As a group we researched into the duo and their work, this helped towards developing our own ideas.
We produced a video which used one of their methods of working, by taking someone's work and changing the medium. We used a project by Candy Chang 'Before I die...'
We changed the statement to 'I wish...' and we went out into the public and asked people what they wished for, having mixed responses, we collected these to be the audio for our film; we specifically didn't video them as this may well have changed their responses.
Individually I concentrated on one of their techniques of working, double exposure photography. I wanted to do this because I am interested in photography and hadn't yet explored double exposure. Fischli and Weiss use a film camera and one takes photographs and then rewinds the film and the other takes photographs over the top, and so this allows them to collaborate but they are unaware of what the other has taken a photograph of so the outcome becomes a surprise to both.
Expanded Interface Concept video
University Brief
This project was about developing an expanded interface and involved researching and developing ideas. I enjoyed researching into what had already been created, in particular, the works by the 'Fun Theory'.My idea involved a connection between the quality of a mirror and the cleanliness of the room that it was in, so therefore it would be rewarding people that kept the place clean and tidy, with the use of a mirror. Manifesto Documentary
University group brief
Other Credits:
Quarina Sultana, Ryan David, Kleanthis Michael and Michelle Everett.
This was a collaboration with four other people on my course. The brief was to produce a manifesto for the role of the collaborator. The manifesto 'PostSpectacular Rule Making & Breaking' by Karsten Schmidt was particularly helpful to us in our understanding. As a group we created a recipe for collaboration.
Whilst doing this project I attended a workshop run by Hellicar and Lewis which aided my understanding of collaboration, and I also met Karsten Schmidt whilst viewing his work; both of these at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for the Digital Design Weekend.